Piotr has always had dreams about exploring the world since he was a little boy. Countless youth camps in Poland and abroad set him up in the right directions. During his high school times in Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland Piotr took part in two students exchanges and spent some time in Sweden and Italy. After his final exams he knew he wanted to travel and study abroad. He started his education in Poland at one of the Higher Educational Institutions in Bydgoszcz where he gained his degree in Tourism Management. Piotr continued his education in Scotland, United Kingdom where he attended Perth College and the University of Stirling and gained two Master’s degrees. One in Tourism Marketing and one in Heritage Interpretation. Those degrees helped him to understand the tourism industry world-wide and made him want to be part of it even more.

Piotr went on his first backpacking adventure in April 2010 and it totally changed his life. Travelling around India and Nepal was an unforgettable experience which woke up the soul of traveller in him. Since that time Piotr has visited and explored 62 countries on six continents (Aug 2017) and has many more trips planned in his head.

Since summer 2013 Piotr has been working as an European Trip Leader for an Australian tour company. His everyday tasks include taking groups of up to 48 people in age 18-39 and showing them the highlights of the European continent. Piotr has an amazing opportunity to share his passion for travelling with others and meet other open minded travellers who very often become his travel companions and friends for life.