Australia (Dec 2015/Jan 2016)

I remember being a five-year old child and ‘travelling’ with my finger across the map to the other side of the world – to the end of the world. It was one of my biggest dreams to visit the land of kangaroos, koalas and beautiful landscape as it was described in every magazine about Australia. It took me another 25 years to make those dreams come true.

Landing on the Australian soil made me so excited that I couldn’t have stopped smiling for the first few days. But before I entered the country I had to go through the border checks! After watching the TV shows and hearing how strict they are I decided to prepare myself very well. I had all my documents printed, details of my friends and the Internet on my phone just in case I needed to access anything else. I researched all the questions that could be asked at the passport control and had them rehearsed a few times. I am ready! After queuing for over an hour I finally got to say ‘Good day’ and pass my documents to the border officer. It was a very friendly woman who looked at me, smiled, scanned my passport and welcomed me to the country… That was it???!!! Too easy! Next step was the customs. When I passed my declaration to the officers they told me to keep going… really?? OMG! I stepped out from the building and… I was in Australia!

Melbourne here I come! I had my amazing friend picking me up from the airport and looking after with me while I was there in the city. We even had our 30s birthday together and Gemma organised the bad-ass party in the apartment on the 37th floor with a lot of food and alcohol and many guests attending the party. I don’t know how many times I said ‘thank you’ but I want to say it again: β€žGemma, you are amazing! Thank you for the best birthday party in my life!”

After Melbourne I had my Outback experience which ended up in Darwin where I had my flight to Brisbane (about the Outback experience you can read in a separate post). I spent there 5 days with my other friend who showed me a bit of the city, took me to Sunshine Coast, and we had a one crazy party! Brisbane turned out to be my favourite place in Australia and I am looking forward to going back there. From Brisbane straight to the Gold Coast where I spent another 6 days with amazing people! Everyday was an adventure! I drove the car in Australia for the first time, went to drive-in cinema, visited the highest point in Q1, played with kangaroos, cuddled a koala and had fun in the Movie World which is one of the amusement parks in the area. So why leave!?

I got to spend the ‘Straya Day’ in Byron Bay with bunch of crazy people. I joined a Topdeck tour for four days to make my way down to Sydney. We passed through Crescent Head where we had our surfing lesson. It looks so easy when you watch them doing it but it really isn’t. We were quite lucky that the weather – it was really bad so we didn’t have anyone watching us. It took me over an hour to finally stand up on the board and surf towards the beach. I just had to make sure that our photographer took a photo of me and I could have sat on the beach and enjoy my achievement. My muscles were sore for the next week!

Sydney as a city didn’t impress me much. It looked very unorganised and dirty. I did like the bay though where I finally saw the famous opera house and the bridge. Two biggest landmarks of the city. I got to hang out with some of my friends, had a few cheeky pints on the roof top bars, had dinners in oldest parts of the city and relaxed on the beach.

Ten weeks of travelling around Australia came to an end…

I’m going to be very cheesy now but I have to say that I am so lucky having so many amazing friends in this country! It would be very hard to name every single one of you who made my trip to Australia a memorable experience. Therefore I want to say a big THANKS to everyone who found time to meet up and to take me around your places. I can’t wait to be back and if you ever come to Poland I will show you my hood. See you soon!


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