First time in Romania (Feb 2015)

What do you know about Romania? Dracula and gypsies… Well done, don’t forget to stock up on garlic and off you go. After my visit to Romania the first thoughts that come to my mind about the country are the beautiful architecture, rich culture, delicious food and amazing hospitality!

Having really good friends from Romania encouraged me to go and visit their beautiful country. I was very lucky to have them there when I visited and they made sure I experienced the most of their beautiful country. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the hospitality I experienced there.

I started my trip in Bucharest. I wasn’t very impressed with the city itself. Still a very strong feeling of the communist era. However the rich history, couple of impressive buildings and nice cafes made up for it a lot. Seeing the largest parliament building in Europe and second in the world wowed me so much that I couldn’t stop starring at it. The tour in the parliament was extremely informative and the fun guide added a lot to the experience. In the city there are al ot of Impressive small Orthodox churches and historical places and they should be on everyone’s list to visit.

When I made my way to the Transylvania region I found it culturally different. And I was right. They have a huge influence of the Hungarian culture there. During my visit I learnt more about the history and had a chance to visit a few castles. I can definitely recommend the free walking tours which are covering all the information about the history and culture.

On the way to Brasov one of my friends gave me a lift which was amazing. We stopped at the Peles Castle which was the most beautiful castle I saw in Romania. Brasov surprised me by all means. Beautiful old town, full of amazing history and stories. In the afternoon with a group of randomly met people I went to the Bran Castle aka ‘Dracula Castle’. To be honest it was a bit disappointing, I think I had very high expectations which weren’t met. Very basic exiibits and having a Masters degree in the museum studies I am a bit judgemental. Nonetheless, I learnt more about the ‘Dracula’ and gained some more knowledge about the history of the region which is always a bonus.

On the way to Cluj Napoca I took a local bus which was an experience on its own. I think the bus was from 80s but still running. Anyway, I got there safely! I had my friends already waiting for me and taking me around the area. I got to see a bit of the city and the Salt Mine just outside which is a home to an underground amusement park!

Definitely I would like to go back and explore more. Romania is a very diverse country and has a lot to offer! That’s why I am really grateful for my friends from there who took their time to host me and take me around.


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