Indian Wedding in Mumbai (Jan 2014)

I believe that the headline says everything… Indian wedding… one of the most magical experience in my life. Not only was I invited to my friend’s wedding, it was an Indian wedding and it was in Mumbai! Being back to my favourite Asian country only added to the whole experience. Comparing it to my previous Indian adventures it felt like I was in a different world! Staying in a nice hotel, having a driver, going to nice bars and clubs – totally different! Wedding itself was very different to what we have in Poland or even in Europe! It was like being at the festival of food, smell, colour, music and my friends’ biggest celebration all at the same time. I can compare it to being in the middle of a Bollywood movie! Amazing!

The main celebrations took place over the weekend. It started of with Mosalu where all the women were putting henna on their hands and were coming up with beautiful patterns. They even tried to write my name on my arm in one of the local languages. In the afternoon we attended Mehendi which consisted of gift giving by the closest family accompanied with a lot of music and dancing. In the evening we went to a beautiful function room at the National Cricket Stadium where we met the rest of the guests for Sangeet, which turned out to be a massive dancing party. When I asked how many people would come to the party my jaw fell down when I heard the numbers – ”Not many, it won’t be a big party, maybe around 300 guests” said Priyank ”How many?!?!” Oh my God, in Poland 100 is considered as a big wedding so you can imagine my surprise. The party was awesome! I even got an Indian suit to wear at the wedding which I think it looked really good on me.

At the wedding reception it was the family who was entertaining the bride and groom not the other way. They were performing a lot of different dances which they were rehearsing a few days before. The bride and groom were watching the show and joined them in the last song. Later in the evening there was a DJ playing a lot of Indian music mixed with Western hits which I enjoyed so much that my friends had troubles finding me while I was dancing with all the members of the family – and there were quite a few of them hehe. I must say the whisky that was served helped a lot but nevertheless it would be hard not to enjoy yourself. The next day was more of ‘paper work’ day and wishing the newlyweds all the best. To my amazement there were around 1000 people who came to the reception. Both of the families have different backgrounds and come from different parts of the country therefore the food which was served came from different parts giving everyone a chance to try many local specialities.

It was truly a surreal experience and I can’t say more than wishing my friends all the best and thank them a lot for the invitation and the experience.


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